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Fukatsu Kaede
23 September
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Name of your character: Fukatsu Kaede
Age: 13
Height & Weight: Tall, 5"10 and skinny, clocking it at 130 lbs.
Blood Type: O
Left or Right: Left
School and Grade: Rikkaidai Fuzoku, 1st year
Play Style: Aggressive baseliner
Any signature move: Nothing flashy. Just a great solid game. I don't even know why there has to be a flashy whatever xD<3
Brief History about your character:

A big kid with a smart mouth, good enough and quick enough to hide his insecurities, Kaede was orphaned in a big fire south of Yokohama and was lucky enough to be taken in by relatives in the Kanagawa district. Loathe to leave his friends in the public school and still haunted by memories of the fire, Kaede's grown himself a nice little thick skin making him come across as mostly apathetic. He played tennis for a mediocre team back in his public school but they never make it as a team. Kaede's love for the game manifests itself in individual matches, whereever he can work his way in. Streetwise and savvy, his height lets him lie about his age and has gotten him into trouble more the once. He's no genius but he loves it enough to work hard, often neglecting his studies. Between that and his sketchy choice of friends, he's often branded questionably deliquent. The fire itself was blamed on him but as there was no proof, he's been let off on mere warning.

His relatives have decided to drastically change his environment in an attempt to bolster what they blindly believe is his "potential". Resigned to what he believe he can do nothing about, the tennis team is the only thing keeping Kaede interested in school. So with half-hearted stab at making average grades (mostly to stay on the team) and even less at making new friends, the boy is only really alive with a racket in one hand and a oft heavy-handed shot. He's never played team well before because his old team (though great friends) was crappy but is willing to try. He knows the history of Rikkai as champions and the difficult training schedule intrigues him more then it puts him off. Kirihara, the current buchou, in his opinion is brash and ill-tempered, unwilling to hold the title of captain. He will more often then not, try to provoke his sempai but off-handedly admires his game.

Played by soloproject for double_fault